Bluebonnet landscape oil paintings by Maris Salmins of Houston, Texas can be enjoyed by patrons in Houston, Texas, and beyond.

Here you will find examples of Maris's bluebonnet paintings.  You may call to see more images or to make an appointment to see more of his work in-person.

Maris's Texas landscapes of bluebonnets have been painted in his Houston studio and plein aire. 

When bluebonnet season hits, it is difficult to keep Maris in his studio, and when the season is over it his love for the Texas countryside and its wildflowers continue to show up in his bluebonnet oil paintings.

In addition to bluebonnets, he occasionally sneaks in a few Indian paint brushes as well as other Texas wildflowers and cactus.

Anyone looking for genuine Texas art will love Maris's  luminous, impressionist, bluebonnet paintings. Enjoy his bluebonnet paintings here and be sure to check out the links in the "CONTACT" area to see other works of art by Houston artist Maris Salmins.