Maris Salmins has a phenomenal and unique manner of reflecting the color and light in nature.

He is belonged to Zemudene, a group of young artists in the 1970's who were trained on a regular basis for five years by well known Latvian artist Biruta Delle.  Delle and Zemudene were written about in detail in “Art of the Baltics: The Struggle for Freedom of Artistic Expression Under the Soviets, 1945-1991” by Alla Rosenfeld, Norton Townshend Dodge.

His formal drawing courses were at the Art Institue of Latvia.

Maris Salmins's  work has been exhibited in Europe in such places as the Museum of Biology and Natural Sciences, The Theater Museum, the O. Vacietis Poet's Museum, the Open Air Exhibitions at Arkadia Park, and the Cesis History Museum, Bikur Holim Hospital, Ark Clinic, and City Hotel Bruninieks.

Antonio Raimo Gallery, Upstairs Gallery and Elder Street Gallery are a few places where Maris's art has been in the US.

Maris has been elected into the Salmagundi Club as an artist member, Fifth Avenue, New York and is a member of the Art League Houston.